we are webstardesign

Founded in 2007, Webstar Design is a small web design agency based in Hamilton, UK. Over the last few years we've made a reputation for building websites that look great and are easy-to-use.

If you like what we do, and think we could work together, then...

Content Management

We offer a range of CMS systems that are intuitive and easy to use, making updating your content a breeze


Now for design... we'll work with you untill you are 100% happy with your new user interface. Only then will your freshly picked design be tranformed into a fully working website. 


Whether you are thinking about starting a new business or you want to make changes to an existing one the thought of selling online can be tricky.


Here we turn our designs into something that works in the browser and begin to sprinkle some code to power everything.

User Experience

Depending on the project scope we might expand on what we learned during the planning. When we are clear on how things are going to work we can produce wireframes.


When we take on a project we like to do things thoroughly - this means we follow a set of tasks to make things lovely.